I thought he was going to ask me out and then I saw he put up a dating profile!

This has happened to me twice now with 2 different guys on 2 separate occassions. What the heck happened? My feelings are really hurt :(. Both guys showed all the signs they were into me. In particular, the second guy stared at me a lot when he thought I wasn't looking.

Interestingly, both guys, recently got out of long-term relationships. The first was married, divorced for 2 years I think. The second got out of a 5y rel'tshp in the summer.

They don't seem like the type of guy to go on a dating site for a quick lay. But do you think they are looking for someone less complicated than me? I am more of a relationship-type girl, although keep in mind, I never said that to them. What sucks is when I read their profiles, I matched every characteristic they said they were looking for smart, funny, etc (except for being into skiing or snowboarding).


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  • Shit you're on those dating sites too, maybe they saw your stuff online before they made their profiles public to you.

    • Thanks, that's a good point...but I forgot to mention that my profile is hidden, so he couldn't have seen mine.

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