Are white men more racist than white women?

if you look at interracial dating between white and black people you will see that white women seem way more open to interracial dating with black people than white men are. why is that?


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  • I'm white and have dated black girls, among other types. If a black girl has her act together and is attractive to me, why not give her a shot like any other girl? It has nothing to do with race. Some people are open to the idea, others aren't. We all have our preferences.

    • have her act together?

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    • so you are sayng that black girls aren't those things?

    • No, I'm saying she needs to have her act together like any other girl. I don't want a non-black girl who doesn't have her act together. It is a requirement of any girl, regardless of color.

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  • So having preferences makes someone a racist?

    • it depends on the reason why a person won't date a certain race

    • I'm pretty sure that most of the time it is simply preferences.

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  • I have not noticed this particular trend where I live.

    Some people tend to date within their own race. This is not always on purpose, they just tend to be more attracted to or relate better to people within their own race. This happens in all groups of people, not just white men.

    If white men not dating black women is in fact a trend in dating, it could be because black women are often stereotyped as ghetto and bossy and men may find this intimidating,. Or many white men may just feel that they can't relate very well to black women.

  • Not all white men are racist. My boyfriend is white and I'm not white. we have been dating for 3 years now

    • im sure you are the exception to the rule