Failed kiss at end of second date

Girls - I know this girl really really likes me. Trust me the sighs have been very obviously - basically to the point of telling me that she likes me. OK, well anyway we watched a movie together - there was a bit of touching, she initialized the touching with me right at the start, as we were talking she touched my arm and bumped it a few times to get a point across, I did the same. Anyway we had a relatively good evening I hugged her good bye and attempted to kiss her on the cheek since I was sick... anyway I got her hair instead, since it was over her cheek. I just feel awful!

Maybe I did too much? Ugh - she said thanks, and I told her to have a good night...


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  • She might feel a little bit embarrassed, too. Have you given her a follow up call or text or anything telling her you had a nice time and would like to see her again?

    I'd try and make light of it... Maybe something along the lines of "Since I'm clearly so smooth..." or something like that.

    • Nope not yet, you think that is a good idea?

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    • I alright sent a I had a good time, cracked a joke and told her to let me know when she's back home. I don't want to bombard her...

    • Perfect! Good luck :). I think it sounds like everything went really well.

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