Am I doing too much? Or am I overreacting?

Truth is I've been looking for a girlfriend for quite a while. I would do anything for her.. treat her well, how she should be treated and etc. I met this girl at the mall, and we really hit it off. She is nice and girlie and really funny too.. I like her and she like me too.. fast forward a couple months, and today I call her. And I committed the cardinal sin of dating by calling and texting too much.. and she said it made her feel uncomfortable. I didn't mean to get her upset, and I kind felt bad afterward. She told me don't call or text as much and that she will call me or text me when she has a chance.. wanted to know is that good or bad.. and did I lose a chance? Or am I paranoid? Please help I really like this girl.


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  • personally, I hate when guys blow my phone up with missed calls and text one after another guys think its cute but lets be honest.. its F***ING ANNOYING haha. but yeah you lost your change kiddo.

    • I told here Iwas sorry .. and tha it won't happen again.. Ireally wish I never did that now, cause I don't know if she will ever call again..

    • she'll talk to you still, but just lower the amount you text/call her. (:

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