We have been dating, he stood me up...again!!

This is the second time. The first time was acceptable, as he only sees his kids on weekends. He apologized, several times and said it was wrong. I accepted, but made it very clear how disrespectful it was, and I assumed this would not happen again...wrong! He did it two weeks later! We do see each other during the week, when we have time. He seems to be smitten, but then again...why do this? At this point, no excuse will acceptable by me. I know he's going to text me tonight or tomorrow morn...hey beautiful...blah blah.. I'm not sure what I am going to say, if to reply at all. (We have been dating for about 6 weeks, very often...texting, calling, morn noon and night, his prompting..)

What is going on? I'm not into being on the receiving end of this game, as I'm a very forgiving person, but I expect him to be respectful of my time and feelings, always.

What do I say...if anything at all.


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  • That's a tough position, work with him and don't jump to conclusions. I kind of did the same thing and she kept taking me back, we started working things out. It's tough when kids are involved, I have none and we are also stuck in our ways! Trust me we try to work through them ... LOL ... But in my case the ex committed suicide, and I am in an opposite situation ... Mine would be the question before yours ... LOL

    • I have children also, so I respect that, which is why it was acceptable. I did make it clear that a text should have been made. He did not send even a text, again. This is the guy that draws all over my dirty car flowers and hearts and then gets me a car wash. The guy that shows up at my doorstep unannounced, just to take me to lunch. The guy who shows up at my work and brings me coffee. He puts my hand on his heart and shows me what I do to him. This is no mistake, he intentionally did this.

    • It seems like a game... Do you want to play it? Or you could turn the table on him... I have a few ideas

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