Dealing with the death of an ex?

The ex husband died unexpected, he drove her nuts and than some. They have two children and I understand there worlds have been turned upside down. I was out of the country when it happened. When I got back I gave her, her space with an occasional text & an email which she responded too. On Friday, left a short message & sent her a text / picture that I know she laughed at. I also sent an email, mainly so it would be a little more personable in which I informed her that one of my best friends had passed away on Wednesday. She also posted a former family picture on Facebook ... I am male therefore I am stupid... Do I give her more space & time or just cut her loose, we where an item. There is just a huge part of me that wants to comfort her, I just don't know what to do. Flowers, a card, day @ the spa ... Something to show I care ... A response of some sort would be nice ... She has not told me to get lost, that might actually be nice


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  • You may have to cut her loose. Not much you can do. If she wants you back, she will come around.

    • No contact till after the first of the year ... She said that she will contact in the beginning ... Like I said she has also responded with favoring comments. But what I have done though has left everything open. Not asking questions, brief, not pushy, so she was not forced. its tough, we really connected, but it's obvious she is still going through the emotions. she just put a picture up 6 weeks later. It's just not like her not to comment regardless, which makes me believe she needs time

    • Sounds about right! Leave her be. She needs to go through her process

  • Sounds like she is overwhelmed emotionally, and just doesn't want to deal with anything. I would continue to let her know you're there, and you do want to comfort her, but also let her know if she needs space, just to let you know. It's not fair to be left hanging..but that if she needs time, you are acceptant of that.


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