What should I do? I like her a lot

I don't know what to do we were hanging out yesterday and she asked me why did I like her and I didn't know what to tell her she said it was alright but after a while she said that I only like her for her looks and she left and after a while she text me (u don't like me and I'm done talking to you) but the thing is I like and care about her a lot I just don't know how to put my feelings toward her in words now I don't know what to do I also text her yesterday and today but she won't reply can someone give me an opinion on what should I do thanks.


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  • ____ I'm sorry I wasn't able to say this while we were together last night, I was just nervous. I really do like you and care about you a lot. Can you be patient and give me a chance? I'd love to learn more about you and be your guy. Your really precious to me. I like your ____ (hair, eyes, face, smile, insert other things that are relevant here).

    I'm not trying to sound crazy or anything, I'm just trying to get this message to you. I want you to take it to heart and think about it. Your ____ (gorgeous example) and ____ (funny example).

    Please give me a call back. (Send this as a voice mail or an email. If she doesn't respond, send another by another method of contact.)

    • If that doesn't work, she's probably not into you or is just insecure. I'd move on after a couple of tries. You'll FIND MANY people you'll like out in the world. :) Find the one that doesn't play games with you!

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  • Something similar to what Rosekitten said would work. Just be honest, tell her you like her a lot and don't know how to put it into words but definitely TRY. Think about it, name some things you like about when you spend time together, how she makes you feel. Try to stay away from physical things. Try things like she's funny or smart, make you think, makes you laugh, etc. Just be honest though.


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