I am getting the vibe he isn't interested in me anymore

So I met this guy online about two weeks ago, our chemistry was great and we talked almost everyday for almost the whole day. Then we made plans and he cancelled last min, which he had a good excuse but I was upset because I told him in my previous relationship my ex would always makes plans and cancel last minute, he understood and had a really good talk. But I also asked if he wanted to reschedule or if he wasn't interested anymore. He said he was, and I believed him because if someone gave you the opportunity to leave you'd take it wouldn't you? Anyways, whenever we text not we talk for a while and so that is fine, but he doesn't initiate texting as much anymore, but I know he has a busy schedule and guys don't think of texting as much as girls do, so am I over reacting or do you think he isn't interested?

I still think he is a little bit, because why would a guy waste his time texting a girl if he has no interest in her? True or not true?


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  • You talked almost every day for a whole day...


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