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I met this guy online(myspace through mutual friends) Anyway, he lives a few hours away and came to my town for the weekend for vaca...we hung out the whole time he was here and had sex a few times. He was saying things like he wants me to come visit him and he would come back to where I live etc. Should I even try to make this go somewhere or should I take it for what it was...


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  • It could happen but it could not. The trouble is you give in to the sex to early. You let the guy what he wanted with out making him take you out on a date, give you respect and have any comittment. Every one is different so it could work but it may not.

    Also are you happy to do the long distance thing. It is very hard and you have to be a strong person who is independant, can do things with out a partner and be very trusting because you hardly see the person and don't know what they are up to. If you can do this then it will work, if you are the opporsit then it will not.

    I would say if you want to give things a go, get in contact with him, see how he is and go and see him, but if you do go and see him don't have sex with him, have fun it other ways, get to know each other more and have a traditional date. If he is happy to do this then he is in to you then he is interested in more and if all he hints for is sex and does not want to do anything else then you are just a booty call.


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  • You were a booty call

    • Awweeee You love to give me the truth in the most honest and painful form :)

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    • Thanks, I am working on it...but guys do not make it that easy.

    • If there's a guy you like, don't do sexual stuff with him. You ruin your chances of being in a good relationship where the guy has respect for you

  • I think you let yourself get played.

    If you want to try for a long-distance thing, go for it. But don't get your hopes up.


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