How to date a guy with ADHD?

I like my space, and he sometimes doesn't respect me as in he tends to touch my chest and but. We've been dating for a little under half a year. Before we started going out he straight up told me he had ADHD. But I don't think I took it seriously.

He wants all the time in the world with me, just me. And I have stop talking or drastically shrink my socializing with others. He has a lot more girl friends and barely guy friends, it sometimes gets to me.

He had a few break downs because of his thoughts on other people, and currently we barely made out of a sports season and currently out of a year long extra circular.

Yes I have been annoyed and didn't do things rights, and I honestly shouldn't blame him entirely, or harshly. But my end of the stick isn't that great either, I know he has it rough but I have to think of my self too, but not always.

I sometimes question, but I don't think I should break up, I'm not questioning that now. But I'd like to help him out better, and he has improved he's let me hang out with my female friends and he's coming along with lunch and hanging out. Though I find myself going down hill academically wise mostly. But I'm working it back up with new motivation.

He's fun and interesting, amusing, I honestly do like him, and shockingly he fits well on the list on what I want in a guy and vice versa. I just have to be patient. Tips would be nice. Bad times are suppose to suck, but I'd like to improve overall.

He's really bright, he came from private school and now in public school, similar history. But met in high school. He's improving and getting better both ADHD and socializing, though I;d like a faster process I should appreciate the fact there is improvement. But I think I am staying for right reasons and honestly 85% is pretty great, the arguments just get annoying but what's a relationship without them.


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  • in the end, he has to do this at his own pace and you can't speed or slow his process..

    -love Sosa

    • I know I just have to hang in there sometimes. But I'm quite happy he's making progress. Thanks for answering.