Long Distance Relationship. How much do you text each other when first start dating?

Ok so I met this guy about a month and a half ago. We met at a party and hooked up had a great time. He added me on Facebook that night. I messages him a few days later to get the ball rolling and gave him my number. He asked me out the next day and we had a date that weekend which went really well! He texted me the next day to see how I was. We live two hours away from each other and are both really busy with work. I was up his way yesterday and although he had been working all night he came and spent the day with me and we had a kiss. This was the second time three weeks later we have seen each other. We maybe talk every two to three days over text sometimes I wish it was a little more as we haven't gotten to see each other too much due to our schedules. I'm wondering if this could be a problem aren't you meant to communicate heaps when you first start dating. We are both mid twenties.


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  • well I do believe in LDRs, And to be frank have been in 2 LDRs before.

    About amount of texting, is like every minute exchanging feeling :)

    The only thing I came to conclude over them is that a bulk of TRUST will work more then a bulk of TEXTs..

    And one most important thing they mostly depends upon Luck.. :)

    All the best with yours... :) :)


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