How do I tell a guy I want to date him?

Basically I made out with the guy at a party for like 5 hours a couple of months ago. That night we also talked for ages and he asked me out but I said no because I didn't want to be in a relationship at the time and he was cool with it. Since then we've been around each other a lot and I'd like to date him but I'm not sure how to tell if he's still interested.


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  • just go to him and tell him that if he remembers that he asked you out and when he says yes.. you tell him that back then you didn't want to be in a relation at all and now you have decided that you would like to give it a try and wanted to know if he feels the same way.. simply that will get you your answer.


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  • Just ask him and clearly explain that you don't want a relationship back then but now you want one


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