Is it appropriate to text/tell your ex "I miss you lots!"?

I've been no contact with my ex for about 3 months. I am in another country, etc and so we cannot get back with each other for sure.

Recently I called him and we talked for a bit. Can I text him later:

I hope everything is okay and no need to worry about me :-) I still miss you and wish you the best of everything!

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  • No. Text [tell me what to say] instead.
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  • Just tell him you miss him. Don't put anything cutesy or that shows emotion because you said yourself there's no chance you will get back together

    • Well, I called him because there was a misunderstanding between him and his close friend. So I kina need to mention the first sentence. However,without the emoticon,the tone seems too serious.,

    • Oh that changes things. I think you can put that first part. Nothing wrong with that. Emoticons just seem flirty is all

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