Should I date a guy who is known for running?

Met an awesome, well to do, fine ass man. Who has made it clear once females tried to latch on or became overly aggressive he bolted. I initiated conversation however he's definitely been the chaser and he knows I like him too. So what can or should I do that will keep me from ended up like the rest?


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  • To be with this kind of person you're going to have to play games: you make yourself desired, don't pick up when he calls, don't tell him what you do, take time before calling him back... be extremely mysterious and the more you retain information the better.

    Once he's hooked and starts asking you out, make him won't be available that night but in a few days only or the following week and at daytime.

    Then you can kiss him and run away and not giving him news for a while.

    The idea here is that in addition to be mysterious you have to make yourself very hard to get. And once you're there, let him do all the frist big steps: asking you to meet his friends, saying I love you etc etc...

    It should work.

    • I can do all of the above and have been without even plotting to do so simply because I have a life, lol. Between my job, family, friends, lodge, and hobbies I'm one busy woman and he knows this! Only thing is we work opposite hours where we are both M-F but I'm at work during the day and he goes into his later in the day and gets off later in the evening. With that unless we both aren't too busy how can I keep from hooking up and going out too late in the evening?

    • Keeping yourself from hooking up is only a question of will. You can go out in the evening, just avoid the hooking up part or he'll probably get what he wants and go away...

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  • well, it's simple - don't nag.


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  • Act neutral -_--_-

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