Date ideas? I need a guy's advice.

I have been casually dating this guy for about a month, and we just started having sex this past weekend. I know he really likes me but we are both just trying to have fun and not get too serious right now. I decided that this weekend I will plan the date and pay. I need a cheap idea though haha

Here are some ideas I have and need a guys opinion or new ideas.

-Staying one night in a hotel: we could swim, use the hot tub, rent scary movies, and have interrupted sex )we both live with our parents) is this idea too serious?

-ice skating

-renting scary moves or playing video games

-surprising him with a paintball date and invite his friends?

Give me your opinions and suggestions!


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  • If you're looking for a romantic date to get you out of the house, a one night hotel stay some where not your current city with a decent dinner and maybe a concert if you can swing that is always a winner. Honestly, a paintball date or something like that is far more of a girlfriend move than the hotel idea, that's hard to understand sometimes. My advice would be to get a hotel room and take the night as slow as possible. Play some video games, watch a scary movie for an excuse to cuddle (not that you'd need one), maybe play some strip poker or some other sexy game and tease the crap out of each other. Then after a few hours of relentless teasing, go at each other as hard as you've been teased. That would be my recommendation for the sexually active casual daters that have been together for a month. Also, don't be afraid to get serious.


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  • A hike. he will love a hike.

  • I like how it went from one night in a hotel to ice skating, funny stuff.

    Paintball sounds awesome.


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