How many times do you text someone before you realize they're not interested?

I have a bad habit of giving out my number to guys whenever they ask, sometimes we'll go on a date and I decide after the date that I am not interested. usually tho I am not interested from the beginning so when they text me I choose not to respond (rude I know, but I assume after the first time I don't respond they get that I am not interested.) but sometimes I will get guys texting me daily for months and calling me randomly. I don't understand. If I text a guy and he doesn't respond I assume he doesn't like me and I delete his number, end of story. I don't understand why they keep texting me. . .

  • One time, no response and I'm over it
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  • Twice, maybe they didn't see my msg. . .
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  • Three times and a call, maybe there phone got turned off. . .
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  • Till they respond.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm like you.I'll text once, and if I don't get a reply then I won't text him again.I do not understand nor do I give a F*** about guys who continually text you when you haven't even replied once.that's just common sense but apparently it ain't so common lol


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What Guys Said 3

  • I find girls that do that just plain mean. Simply don't give out your number. And then not replying is even more mean, and very rude. Just that makes me not interested anymore.

    About the texting: I first call, because it's easier when you're talking. Say she doesn't pick up I may try again later, and then finally will text her. If she's interested she'll text back and otherwise she's just mean and I don't want her anymore. If she becomes interested in any of my friends (or vice versa), my friend will know what she did to me and she could expect the same.

  • Man, these guys are persistent. If I text a girl after just met each other and I get no response that whole day, I call it a loss and move on. Some guys are just desperate, I guess. Or overly optimistic. Or crazy. Who knows... I must say, if I really like a girl I do make a little more effort,but still.

  • If she doesn't text back after the 2nd one, I delete her number.

    So thanks for reinforcement of this.

    • It's the right attitude! Cause if I get a text from a guy and I accidentally didn't respond I will text him back when I can! It may be a day later but I will say something.

What Girls Said 1

  • At where I live now this is like a typical behavior of guys to do that.If I am not interested I will try to tell them nicely but it seems doesn't work for some of them.If I feel bothered by them too much I just block their number.They give me no choice.I do not want to deal with silly drama by talking and explaining to them.

    • If you don't want to deal with the 'silly drama', then stop being silly yourself and do not give out your number to guys you're not interested in. Keep your number private. It really makes no sense, you're leading people on, and one day you may walk into some crazy guy.

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