He seems interested, but rarely texts me.

I met this guy a couple weeks ago and had a really good first date, we spoke non stop for 2 hours, attraction was clearly there. Got a text from him after the date saying he had a really good time and we should do it again sometime. That was yesterday so I am still pretty excited. The only thing is, he doesn't really initiate texts very much, he'll talk with me for a long time if contact him but he rarely does the first contacting. Maybe he is just busy, I know he has a lot on his plate right now, or do you think he isn't really interested? Because I always hear "if he were interested he'd want to talk to you every day"


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  • It just seems like as a guy you're never right and can't win.

    Text a lot or right away, desperate/clingy

    Don't text, you don't care/have no interest


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  • Honestly, when I'm into a girl, I initiate texts most of the time. But hey, give him a chance to initiate. It will help you see if he's interested. If you do it every time you'll never know.


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  • As you say it may just mean he is really busy. I wouldn't worry too much right now. It's still new so let it breath a bit and take things slow. Let him text you next.