Goodbye kiss?! What do you think?

I'm gonna keep this short and simple. Let's say this guy I was making out with had to go home early. And he gave me a goodbye kiss. Does he like me? And yes we were making out but I know he's not looking for a relationship. He went in for it when I was good with just a hug. He then proceeded to tell me he doesn't know what he wants anymore... I'm confused lol


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  • *Looks at profile picture*

    Yeah he likes you.

    • Haha ;) that's funny.

    • He's probably looking for a FWB by the way. You don't just randomly eat someone's face like you two were doing and say you aren't physically attracted to one another. But if he isn't looking for a relationship (which INVOLVES casual dating, and everything else leading up to that), then what do you call it? FWB.

      He wants the benefits, but not the work.

    • Makes sense. Well I specifically told him no FWB.

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  • Sounds like he is the one who is confused. The goodbye kiss means nothing. Him not knowing what he wants means everything. He might be willing to get into a relationship, but are you willing to wait long enough to find out? To me this guy sounds scared of being in a relationship.

  • Yes

  • What was your question when he answered " he doesn't know what he wants" ?

    • Well he told everyone he didn't want a relationship but after getting to know me hanging out with me all the time he now says he doesn't know what he wants. Could it be he's debating about me

    • It seems that way but I kinda doubt he really wants a relationship.

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