What's the real deal? One night stand, f*** buddies, does he like me?

I met a guy, and we added each other on Facebook. We never really talked again, I didn't even remember who was, one day we made plans to go get Coffee. It went great, he picked on me a lil, but not really flirted and I had to ask for a hug. We went out again about 2 weeks later for coffee at a different place. He then stated he was hungry, so we went out to eat. All the other things we did, we split the bill, but he paid for dinner. We never really were the texting type. We went to a Renaissance fair, and had a great time, I noticed he was VERY flirty, and picked with me A LOT. As soon as I got home he commented on a status and a picture on my Facebook. Which he never does, much less when I just saw him, it wasn't us. We text when we make plans. I invited him over for dinner, to meet my brother (he is the father figure in my life) His life is very busy, and I understood. I stopped texting him because he was always so busy and I didn't want to seem desperate or vulnerable. We didn't text for about 2 weeks and he texted me, asking a personal question. We were suppose to hook up 2 Saturdays ago,m but he postponed. Saying he didn't have time to clean, which I believe, he works 4-4. He does scuba diving, martial arts, family. We had plans last week to hook up, and I got so sick I had to go to the ER. He's texting me a lot more now. Pretty much on an everyday basis,and also, replying very fast. I'm extremely nervous about hooking up with him, I'm more comfortable with him than any other guy I have hung out with or thought about hooking up with, however I want him to enjoy everything, it has me stressing. And I'm not real sure what to expect, I am going on a date with him, bowling or movies, and then back to his house and spending the night. We know each others kinks, and taboos, (it's how we met. ) so that gives me an upper hand, because he can be open with me, and he and I like the same thing, that others wouldn't. We are hooking up in a few days, and I am spending the night. He has stated that he wants to do this thing with me, something we can't do this weekend, and he says we will have to one day. He keeps flirting with me, and I like him a lot. I know not to expect too much after Saturday, but I'd like to kind of know what to expect... By the Way, the reason he is so reluctant is because I'm fresh 18. He is 26.


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  • That texting and Facebook is a real problem. Your father missing is a real problem too. You need a good talking to.

    Quit fiddling around If you are nervous then it isn't the right thing for you. Someone you like is not going to make you nervous. Start from there.

    You don't meet someone from taboos and kinky stuff. That's for when you have got to know each other later on... Its all backwards. But, if you want to come down to earth any time its OK. I wouldn't spend the night if he makes you nervous. ?

    The age thing is a problem and he is aware of this power wise and will always use that. If you let him. Are you smart or not?

    • Im not nervous of him, I'm nervous because I like him. and my dad passed away, I can't control that. and also I'm nervous because I like him so much, he's like the only friend I have really had since I moved here.


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  • He doesn't seem very consistent, so I am going to go with him being more into hooking up.

    Until you two are seeing each other on a regular basis and you have dates/hangouts that aren't just about sex, its a hookup.