Started dating a guy who has never had a girlfriend? Need advice.

I started dating this guy for about 4 weeks now. We see each other every Friday night. He hasn't done any of the typical guy moves yet ( try to put his arm around me, touch my knee, touch/ hold my hand). All we've done is a goodbye hug which he initiated. This past week he surprised me with a kiss. He seemed kind of embarrassed by it, which I thought was cute. He also smiles at me quite a bit and sometimes I catch him staring. He's 21 and has never had a girlfriend or dated a girl, so that makes me his first. I've been making some moves and I flirt with him, but I'm kind of afraid to Because I don't wanna make him uncomfortable. I wouldn't say he's shy Because he isn't afraid of talking but he's kinda "sheepish" when it comes to boyfriend/girlfriend type things. Right now it feels like we're in the friend zone and I want to move it along without chasing him away or making him uncomfortable. I don't know how to do this Because I'm used guys who are experienced.

I really like this guy, but I'm afraid if I come on too strong that'll chase him away. I don't want sex, just want it to feel less just friends and more we are dating.


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  • You are a stalking cat in the woods and he is a timid creature trying to find his way. It is not that difficult for a woman to seduce a man and all you have to do is do it. If that's all you want. But it sounds like he would like to not do that actually or he would. Are you going to force him? I don't know if that is such a great idea. You can, you know, or read a book about it to him. But it will just make it worse. It is not your call, since you are not the man.

    • Im not trying to get him to have sex with me because that's not what I want. I just want him to feel more comfortable around me and make it feel less just friends.

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