After your first kiss with a guy...are you expected to kiss goodnight or goodbye every time you hang out?

This guys I'm "seeing" we had our first long very sexy kiss last week. Is it expected that this will happen every time we hang out? Even if we just meet for coffee? I'm he expecting it? I really want to take things slow...!


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  • tricky question.

    When a girl says "taking things slowly" I assume she wants to wait awhile before sex. A quick peck after hanging out shouldn't be a big deal. If he is trying to shove his tongue down your throat every time then you might want to tell him what's up.

  • That's up to you.

    • Thats not helpful

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    • You will want to define how slow 'slowly' is.

    • You want to take things slowly: you decide what's happening, not he, not some 'social obligation' or convention.

      You will want to define how slow 'slowly' is to YOUR feeling: I can't know your feeling and he will ONLY know what you communicate to him.

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