I'm trying to date other guys but I can't? I want only him.....What do I do!?

I'm so confused. I've known this one guy for 8 months and we've been 'seeing' each other. Dates, talking/texting constantly, flirting a lot. No kisses yet but talks of it. (both shy)

So sometimes he'll do the guy thing and won't respond to my text. Which is fine if it doesn't require an answer... but then I won't hear from him for a couple of days, then if I text sometimes he'll write back and apologize profusely but recently he didn't reply and it's been four days, which seems kind of odd. I don't want to call. because it seems as if he's not interested and he ALWAYS Has his phone, so I'm not trying to look desperate. I've already sent three texts within a few days, so no more.

If he does respond, I'm going to tell him how I feel and call it a day.

I REALLY LIKE HIM A LOT... WE have an AMAZING time in person and always flirt. Sometimes when he doesn't text back at all or even to just say hey like normally I feel sad because I feel like he doesn't like me but then when he finally does talk to me he apologizes and explains why (one week something bad happened to his family and he told me about it) then everything is back to normal

I really don't want to settle. I am really not one to settle but I like him so much, I invested all this time, my friends and coworkers even know about him which is unusual because I'm usually not open with other people about my private life.

SO I'm trying to date other people (well I'm back on a dating site) that's where me and this guy met months ago, I'm back on there scrolling through profiles and I'm just like "ugh, they're not him" or I meet someone in person or online and this guy is in the back of my head :(




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  • if there is zero hope for something to happen you need to stay away from him and forget about him.

    • its weird when we're together I'm so happy and we flirt so much, we have a lot in common, we're in sync. I have hope for us. But I feel weird when he doesn't reply back. I don't wanna let go because of the way I feel when I'm with him... but I also don't wanna get hurt. I'm confused :/

    • Be upfront and fine out how he feels, and if he doesn't like you in that way let him gp. You're just torturing yourself hoping for something that may not happen.

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