Cuddling, feelings, or no feelings?

I've been close friends with this guy, I was over at his one night and he started cuddling me. I've had feelings for him before but just brushed it off but since that night every time I see him the feelings start coming back, but I'm not sure if he likes me, I don't want to start to fall hard for him if he's not gonna fall for me too


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  • Guys can cuddle without having feelings, and they do it all the time.

    If he isn't talking about his feelings, or specifically trying to make you his girlfriend, yet is getting close like this, the ONLY safe assumption is that there are no feelings on his end.

    Men can separate emotions from sex/closeness in a way that most women can't, which is why women often end up falling for guys who don't have feelings for them in return, or assume a guy has feelings when he doesn't.

    Read this:


    • Aww, but do you think there is a possibly of him ever developing feelings? Or should I just try to push those feelings down

    • The vast majority of guys work like this:

      Either they develop feelings for a girl from the very beginning (almost immediately after he gets to know her the first time), or it NEVER HAPPENS. It's very rare for guys to nave no feelings for a while, and then develop them over time, which is how it usually works for girls.

      So, since he doesn't have feelings today, it's almost certain that he won't develop them later. If it doesn't happen from Day one with a guy, forget about it.

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  • Maybe he likes you. Why don't you talk to him about it?


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