Cheap/fun date ideas?

so me and my girlfriend are running out of things to do and I really can't think of anything else to do but dinner and a movie? so please give me some ideas! thanks


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  • One of my favorites is exploring the city/town I'm in at the time. Go out, do all the silly touristy stuff someone might do if they were visiting (even if it's a small town!), take photos. Find cheap places to stop off for food, or drink coffee in a local park. Just explore. It's practically free, unless you eat out, and even then it should be pretty cheap if you do some searching.

    Go window shopping together. My boyfriend and I used to stop and read harlequin summaries to each other at the bookstore, and share all our fun finds. The library can be fun for that too, but you can't really talk there.

    Pick out a nearby place - like a pretty university or some building with gorgeous architecture - and take a little mini-trip there. It's especially fun if it's someplace new.

    Going for walks in general to talk is nice.

    You could always stay in. Do you like video games? Or any good movie trilogies? Have some fun cooking together (a study a couple years ago found that cooking together helps couples bond!) to make some snacks, and settle in for a night of entertainment.

    Go to a toy store and play around. I've had two days that ended up at Toys R Us. Most fun I've ever had, and getting to be so silly with one another is just great.

    Look into classes together? Like a cooking class or something? That does cost a bit of money but it could give you something fun and a little steady to do together.

    If your town is bigger, there's probably also a website or bulletin for it - check into free-access festivals, farmer's markets, etc. Places where there will be music, food, shopping, and unique things to see.

    Museums, art galleries, etc are always fun.

    Also, if you're trying to save money, try doing a matinee and lunch instead of dinner and a movie. You'll spend probably half as much money. My roommate and I hit the first showing of the day today for a movie then went to a place that has a Tuesday lunch special - tickets were $10 for two of us (as opposed to $25), and lunch was $20 instead of $30-40.


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  • Take a day trip to the mountains, hike and stuff.

    Go on a picnic.

    Go on a picnic on a mountain.

    Go out for ice cream.

    Make her dinner.

    Go to a pond and feed geese / ducks (if weather permits).

    Find free attractions in your area (music gig things, art showcases).

    Go to a museum.

    Double date.

    Star gaze at night in an open field.

    Go out for coffee.

    Bake a cake.

    Bake cookies.

    Ice a cake.

    Eat cake.

    Do the same with pie.

    Make salsa together.

    Anything with food.

    Go biking together.

  • hot air balloon ride!

    amusement parks!

    rock climbing (wall) and then a picnic!

    paint ball gun shooting

    the zoo, an aquarium

    paint each other nude!

    spa day!

  • Art museum


    Romantic dinner at home


    Read a book together - one of my favorite things

    Play board games - SERIOUSLY

    Go to the pet store and play with the puppies!

    Volunteer together

    Find some public place that has music and go dancing

    Plan something like an Easter egg hunt outside (just something silly and fun to do)

    A lot of these are silly, fun things, I know, but most people enjoy them when you actually do them. I do an Easter egg hunt for my friends every year, actually, and now they look forward to it. It's just about being creative.

  • I got this! Go out for a midnight swim! Its more like a polarbear dip at this time of year so have warm clothes and somewhere warm to go afterward. If you're really adventurous try skinny dipping ;)

    Take her to an arcade :) That's always a fun one...

    Do either of you play any sports? Challenge each other to one on one, or play catch... sounds lame to some, but I've had great times!

    Go hiking! Its not the best this time of year, but still quite do-able!

    Board game night. BEST THING IN LIFE!

    Go "shopping" but don't buy anything... ask her what you should try on, and chose for her... Lingerie store are a sexy choice ;)

    Ice cream and hot chocolate at this time of year is an amazing combo. Go for a walk after... make sure to kiss her.. the hot and cold combo is incredible!

    Have a day you take a digital camera together and take pictures of one another or both of you. Its silly and sweet! You can act like a tourist and ask people to take your picture.

    Stay in, make her dinner, take turns massaging one another! Super fun!

    Into role play? If so take it to the next level. Pick a movie character, or book character and make up a new personality for yourself, top it of with a new name, style, all that jazz. Get your girl to do the same. Pick a place and time to meet, and let things happen like you've never met. Surprise her with a whole new you. It's really fun to do.

  • sex in the park in the middle of the night...she will never forget this one.

  • Volunteer. Make a difference in your community if you have nothing better to do.

    • I was actually going to say this too, you could go to the animal shelter and play with the animals

    • It's free.

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  • I have yet to find a girl that is into anything cheap. Sure, girls like to cuddle and watch a movie, but not often.

    I expect to spend money when I date. I budget accordingly.

    • my girlfriends parents are richer than anything and all she wants to do is cuddle and watch a movie, and I'm getting tired of it that's why I'm trying to find something else to do but I have no job and my parents don't buy anything for me so that's why I need something cheap..