How to get a guy to go from just 'talking' to dating?

We text and flirt a lot... but we've been stuck here for a few weeks now. We've hung out a few times and I unfortunately had to turn him down for a date a long while back because I was busy. I know I should just ask him out myself but he's easily scared off and very anti clingy-girl. Suggestions? :/


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  • You'll have to ask him out since you rejected him before. It may have been a legitimate reason but its still a rejection.


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  • you won't seem clingy unless your the clingy type.

    cause after you ask him out, you will carry your self like " your normal self"

    ask him out on a date, and make it a fun exciting one.

    take him go kart, paint balling in a filled. or a shooting range.

    pick something that a "MAN" would love.

    something that says " I LOVE TO HAVE FUN TOO"

    don't make it the commend, movie and a dinner!.

    Anything that involes energy, cause after wards the body releases its endorphins and puts us in a great! mood. with an awesome smile on our face :)

    so since he asked you out first, you got nothing to lose, you already know he likes you.

    hope that helps :)