Help - Attention craving?

I dated a guy a while ago. Things went good until he after a month didn't call or meet me when he said he would. I moved on. We have mutual friends and so we have to see each other every now and then. He started acting jealous when I talked to another guy, being loud and interrupting my conversations with both men and women. Always trying to have the attention. Always being close when I talked to another guy.

Then he started dating another girl for some months and was in a relationship with her I guess. He brought her along when we met. Brought her to parties I went to (that he knew I was going to.)

Now he isn't dating her anymore and he's talking to another girl that we know and being loud when we're both around. Also he flirts with her.

He constantly craves my attention in some way. Either interrupting my conversations, being loud, asking me things he already knows, or that we just talked about. Flirting in front of me.

What is his problem, he was clearly not interested so why is he acting this way? It seems like he only wants the attention?

Also - how can I stop his behavior - It's getting tiring and I hope we could just move on being normal again?

Thank you


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  • He doesn't want to date you, but he doesn't want you dating anyone else. He wants to keep you on a leash and not even as a back up plan. He probably knows that he can go to you, flirt (or is his case be overly loud and act like some jealous potential boyfriend) and feel good about himself because you "like" him. I am assuming that you don't?

    I've been in that situation and how you get out of it is simple. A act indifferent towards him. I'm not saying be cold and never speak to him, just don't pay him attention. If he iterrupts a conversation, shoot him a grimace or furrow your eyebrows, make it out like he is not only rude but weird for doing it...and once he leaves carry on your converstaiton.

    The key is indifference and it is hard to master.


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