I stopped biting my nails after we kissed??

This is gonna sound weird... I've always been a chronic nail biter, I'd given up on the idea of giving up. I was super embarrassed about my nails, but nothing could help me to stop... I'd never been with anyone at all, never been kissed or anything...

Anyway I made out with this guy and he felt me up and stuff... after that I automatically stopped biting my nails... its gotta be connected... what do you think?

I don't think I'm so unattractive no one would even kiss me, I get hit on enough to know that lol. I just don't want to fool around with a heap of guys, I want to be a virgin when I get married, so I don't go out with guys that I wouldn't consider getting serious with
I sort of think maybe psychologically, there was a part of me that needed to release some sort of tension or anxiety or something... not having a release for that ended up with me being a chronic nail biter... idk. sounds weird


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  • Sounds like you were biting them because you were insecure that you weren't attractive enough to kiss. Or something along those lines.


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  • Wished this happened with me...because after a thousand kisses from my s/o I haven't seen my nails grow out ever.

    There has to be some type of connection...although I cannot make sense of it,

    • Perhaps biting your nails was a way for you in which you dealt with your emotions. For a long time not feeling loved was what was causing you to self destruct. Now that you feel cared about, you feel the need to longer do that.

  • Maybe finally being kissed released some pent-up anxiety or stress :P

    • That sounds like the mosty likely answer... thanks