How could a man be seductive on a date?

I am recently separated and want to go out on dates again.. through your dating experience with guys that you liked during dating ... what made the guy stand out ? what gave you butterflies ? what did he do ?

I am not talking here about just wanting sex , but about being seductive in general.

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body language , tone of voice

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  • Okay I'm going to give you a whole bunch of tips and answers I hope some of them help. If you want to stand out be mysterious don't drop everything on her at once. We LOVE listeners so without sounding like an interviewer talk about her of course about you too but when you are an active listener we feel like you are interested.

    I met my boyfriend because I saw him a few times in a club and that same night he came right up to me and kissed me. we have been together 2 years and doing great. It was bold and our little thing or secret it was memorable.

    topic-avoid talking too much about work and No ex talk, talk about your interests figure out hers, my boyfriend had me talking for hours on our first date because he just picked my brain.

    Behavior-CONFIDENCE girls think confident guys are sexy

    clothes- simple, classy, clean cut, not over the top like your trying too hard but something you feel good in

    perfume-every guy needs this memo 1-2 sprays of a nice cologne ask a 20-25 year old woman in a store what kind

    body language- like I said confidence look straight out shoulders back be yourself

    and tone of voice don't try to make it different, it would be a little weird if a guy purposely tried to make it lower

    Hope this helps any more detailed questions just ask me!

    • That is really Helpful! wow .. he came right and kissed you without any words?! no intro ?! can you elaborate on '' don't drop everything on her at once '' .. some exaples? Thank you .. really !

    • Yes he just came right up to me it was the most bold romantic thing anyone has ever done. When I say don't drop everything on her at once I mean everyone has baggage, when you go on a first date topics should stay light and pleasant. Don't tell her your depressed or your dog died or you have a fish phobia I don't know those were just examples. Just remember light and pleasant.

    • Oh and compliments yes you should give her one or two but at the same time like I said mystery keep her guessing just a little what you think about her it makes it exciting.

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  • Confidence...hello!

    This comes first. Talk in a lower tone of voice and don't be so afraid of trying to impress her. Let her know that you have already won her over and act like it. Touch her, guide her through crowds, put your hands on both sholders when you are standing behind her. Make it seem like you are going to kiss her and then glide past, breath deeply and act like you wanted to but pulled away instead.

    Seduction is all about sexual tension and building a desire for that tension to be resolved. I'm not saying never follow through, but leave room for more and never give her everything she wants. Mix that with confidence and you - my friend - have seduction.

    • Thats pretty good stuff.. I like the part where you say that one should feel I already won her over !

  • I will also say I agree with the confidence's a must! Confident...not cocky there's a difference. Nice cologne is of my favorites is calvin klein euphoria for men..melts me like butter...Have a good sense of humor, make her laugh, light touches to the small of her back like guide her into a room type thing, if you ask her something lightly touch her arm or hand when you ask. Eye contact shows lots of confidence also..not a creepy stare...just when you talk look her in the eye. Ask about HER likes, dislikes, hobbies, where she grew up, any brothers or sisters, make her know your interested in all of her not just her physically. I also agree, work chat gets dull fast, so try to avoid that and talking about your friends to much...and do not talk about ex's...that is a no no no!

    • Awesome stuff.. I have Euphoria myself ha ha :D I agree it is intense :)

  • Well for me when a guy is spontanious and does things out of the blue that are romantic. Like you find a single rose he left for you or he sends a simple text that says have a nice day someone is thinking about you. Stuff like that. Different and original dates work also..not the same ol' dinner and movie. Go ice skating, mini golfing, drive around and look at Christmas lights in a well done up neighborhood(since its the season) stuff like that. Be goofy and silly, if music is playing while your with her, do a silly little dance or make up funny lyrics and sing them over the real ones...stuff like that melts my heart and really makes a guy stand out from the pack.

  • Alot of eye contact smiling, communication and touching, oh compliments

    • i heard that too much compliments makes you into the ''nice guy'' .. too agreeable trap. Can you also elaborate on the touching ?

    • Sure, OK I guess a gentle hand touch, a slight back rub or lower back ,touch, elbow etc...just break the toucb barrier soon a hug something that should get u2 a bit more comfortable..quickly, that and eye contact, and your good to go..

  • Body language and lone of voice is what would work for me.

    • Can you elaborate ?

    • How he carries himself, his confidence, if he pulls out my chair in a non cheesy way. Making subtle innuendos, and the way he looks at you. The way his voice changes with things he says...that sort of thing.

    • I don't know how to describe it very well, but my boyfriend is very good at it.

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