What can I do to make this breakup any better?

My ex and I dated for 7 months, but he broke up with me Monday after we got into a fight Sunday. I got him to call me Monday night to explain what happened exactly and I got a decent response. Everything was okay when I talked to him. Sometimes it felt like we were friends again but other times I just cried because I felt SO awful without him. I'm blaming everything on myself and I know I shouldn't. I care about him way too much to blame him or to wish any pain upon him.

I guess I should tell you why he broke up with me. He said he was too busy, which I could understand because I KNOW how busy he is, but we dated through baseball season and he was even busier then and things still worked out. He also said he started to get a little annoyed by me because I'm too clingy someimes. Fair enough. I know I have things I need to work on and there's definitely things he needs to work on. He wasn't the best boyfriend to me all the time, but I know I wasn't the perfect girlfriend all the time either. Do you guys think that taking a break could change his feelings at all?

I see him all the time because I have 2 classes with him at school, as well as being in a community jazz band with him. He didn't even acknowledge me at school yesterday and we haven't spoken a word face to face since we broke up. It's rough.. so rough. It's been hard to try to put on this happy face and I don't even think it's working. He broke up with me at one of the worst possible times. Issues with friends, teachers, family.. etc.

I seriously need help. I have to see him on Friday and I don't know what to do. Especially since I want to cry every time I see his face or name. No matter how badly I want to talk to him, I'm going to let him have his space for now, but I just need someone to help me through this.


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  • First...don't beat yourself up. Second, don't listen to his lies. Calling a girl "clingy" is BS. Its funny how girls aways get called that,but guys never do when they like someone. I know a lot of guys who would kill if the girl they like would be "clingy". You know being too busy to date...is a lie. There's something much much deeper...but it really doesn't matter now. He sounds like an immature little punk.

    Getting back together needs to be the farthest thing from your mind right now. Best advice I can give you, is to flirt and meet other guys. This is the best way to get over him. Whatever you do...don't communicate...or even look at him. He no longer exists. Doing this will speed up the healing process. If you try to talk ...it will just re open the wounds. No need to talk to him...since he obviously can't be truthful with you.

  • The him being to busy is a lie, the real issue was he clingy part, it slowly started getting to him until it got to the point that he no longer wants to be with you. That means its over and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can get over him and move on. Now is a good time to start rekindling some lost friendships and finding new hobbies, whatever helps take you mind off the relationship. Also your trying to go back out with him (which won't happen) why are you telling us what he did wrong? it doesn't matter what he did, just learn from your mistakes and move on.


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