Brothers best friend, cold feet?

Dating advice needed: So I very recently tried to "date" my brothers’ best friend. I have known him for 13 plus years, I am 26 and he is 30. But just recently I texted him and had never texted each other before. Although we have always talked throughout the years at events, bars. And hangout nights with my brother and all our friends drinking and having a good time. (I wouldn't count those times as far as dates or anything along those lines) But then one day something changed, I saw something that I have always noticed but never acted on. Anyway so I randomly texted him Last week him and said “we should hang out sometime” and he responded “oh that sounds great! When you would like to do that"? He had even asked me what my work schedule was. Then after my response, he said: "we can do something tomorrow”. I couldn’t but about a week goes on and we saw each other once but we didn’t really talk too much nor do anything. But since then I texted few times asking him if he wanted to hangout. He never responded for like a day then he is saying “he can’t fit dating in his life” and he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. Why? Why all of a sudden did he get cold feet? He said it wouldn’t be fair to me. I just don’t understand, I mean every time I see him we totally flirt for YEARS! I just don’t understand. Please help!


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  • I don't know what happened here but my thoughts were that guys like to lead dating. The first time worked because he was able to take the lead and then it fell flat. I would say let him come around. Don't text him anymore. If he doesn't come around, just be polite and what he has always seen. There are other fish in the sea who won't flirt with you for 13 years and not act on it.

    Be happy that you took a chance. It sounds like he also never came to the point where he was ready to date you.


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