Feels like just friends how do I get the ball rolling

I started dating this guy about 4 weeks now. We see each other every Friday night. We went on a few dates and I finally asked him if he wanted a relationship (bf/gf) and he agreed. He said he was gonna ask me, but I beat him to it. We still only see each other only on Fridays and we do text a lot. But it just seems like we're only friends. He is 21 and has never had a girlfriend b4 and he's still a virgin. I've had a few boyfriends, so I forget what its like having a relationship for the first time. He hugs me but its just a goodbye hug. This last date surprised me Because he kissed me. He walked away like he was embarrassed after he didn't I didn't get to kiss him back. I feel like everything with us is moving so slowly. Not saying that's a bad thing Because its not. I don't want to rush things, but I don't want to go so slow that I lose interest Because it feels like he has no interest in me. I really like this guy Because he's nice and doesn't act like all the other guys I've dated.

Suggestions on how I can move things along? Or should I just b patient and let things go as they are?



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  • Yea, be patient, like you said, this is his first relationship, so he probably doesn't know protocol, or he's afraid that he's being disrespectful to you. I suggest, if you want something, go for it. If you want to kiss him, then just do it. I'm sure he'll feel a lot better too because it'll take a lot of the pressure off him since he probably isn't sure what to do in the first place. You don't always have to let him lead, you can control how fast a relationship moves too!


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  • You say that moving slowly is not bad - and then say want to moving thing along. What do you want?

    To speed thing up, you could casually ask him while having other conversations - something like "don't be afraid or too focused about not screwing up, it'll be okay with you" and he will may get more confidence in you. :)

    You never know what works - make few non-aggressive sort of passive attempts and see how he responds.


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