What is the dating culture in the country you are from?

I know that we have a diverse international crowd here on GAG, and I would like to know what dating is like in your country.

What is the etiquette?

What do you typically do?

Is it very different from the way things are done in America? (where I'm from)

Please share!


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  • I'm from brasil and things there are probably stricter than here. The guy will always pick the girl up usually never meet somewhere, he always pays no matter what and usually more dates will be spent with family than alone

    • Dates with the family? How does that work? Is it not awkward?

    • Hahaha it's not really a date obviously cause the family is around but it's preferred to stay home rather than go out

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  • It's probably the same here, to be honest. But I know in some other countries it is weird if the girl initiates anything, or where dating is not allowed until a certain age, etc.

    • Where are you from?

    • Canada. I live about a one 1/2 hour drive from the NY border so I don't think anything is vastly different here, lol.

  • Canada!

    If someone likes someone, you flirt, tell them how you feel and 10% of the time it will turn into a relationship. I was gonna say 20 % but then I thought, no because people use people when they know they like them :P

    • As much as I love to hate on Canada, I must say that they are friendlier up there. When I visited, the girls were pretty too!

      Most Canadians that I know in the States are nice.

    • Canada is awesome. I love it :)

  • in the philippines it usually take months dating or courtship nothing sexual then the guy will ask the girl if she can now be his girlfriend just like marriage proposal minus the ring and the "drama" :)

    • Wow! That's a long time.Why so much waiting?

    • it's just how it is hehe culture thing but I think the purpose of it is to establish a more solid foundation in the relationship.. get to know the person deeply, accept his/her flaws but of course if the guy got tired he can always stop courting the girl, the girl on the other hand has the moral obligation lol to not give false hope to the guy :)

  • Same

    Shake them upside down until their change falls out. Then laugh at them and walk away.


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  • I guess in general...

    You meet a girl or approach one and talk a little, then ask if she would like to hang out or if you can have her number (add her on a social media site). Maybe you agree to go out at the same place with your own friends to hang out again. Or you get drunk and have a one night stand. One on one dating usually is dinner or go fo a drink, maybe the cinema. You do that about 1-3 times and by that time you are in a relationship. For all dates rule is that although a guy will usually offer to pay, usually the girl insists to pay for her share. Or maybe one date he pays, next she does. Relationships are sexual from the beginning and not per se heading towards marriage, even serious relationships are common without even living with each other. Most relationships are monogamous but some people have other agreements. Gay relationships are common and pretty much accepted by society. Divorce is very common, so are broken and combined families.

    • Based on your name, I assume you are from the Netherlands?

      In the US, we have a phrase, "Going Dutch," meaning that you and the date pay half and half. Maybe that's not the case?

  • It's casual sex obsessed, alcohol fueled, gynocentrism.

    Kinda like a tournament species, males competing with each other to extreme levels, just to get the approval of women, women sitting back and watching it with a complete sense of entitlement.

    Not sure how it is in the USA.