I am a younger guy magnet! Guys ... if you are in to older girls - Why?

I mean I date a variety of guys and what not but I feel like the ones that are most into me / want to date me / play the least games are the younger ones. I don't mean full younger but I'm 23 and I'm an honest believer that there's a big difference in maturity (case by case...) between males and females, even the same ago or 12 months different.

Boys, 18-25 ish - what attracts you to older women like after the initial physical stuff obviously...


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  • I've just turned 20. Intelligence is the first big thing. Having big meaningful conversations is a big turn on for me (I'm a nerd what can I say). The next thing is that you are usually the ones that are looking for a relationship. A lot of girls that have just gotten to college have just broken up with their high school boyfriends and want to cut it loose, but you've been through or are further along in college and are more ready to settle down for a serious relationship. Older women also seem less interested in playing games and more to the point about things, which is another big thing with me.

    Of course, that is just me. I am sure that a lot of guys the are into older women like them because they think they have more experience in bed which, while sometimes the case, is a terrible reason to be into anyone.

    I obviously can't speak for all guys but I know where I stand on older women. A lot of times they are far more mature and know what they want from life which, frankly, is sexy. But simply being older isn't even enough to make me attracted to you. It only makes me more willing to give pursuing you a chance since you are more likely to not only be interested in games.

    • I think this is a great summary and sounds a lot to do with the reasons I have probably ended up with or seeing younger guys. My only qualm with them is I get nervous theyre likely to lose interest sheerly on the basis of being young and maybe starting to take the non game playing type nature for granted and seeing it as 'too easy'.

      It happened in my last relationship - but I think that again is still personality based

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    • Haha I'm Aussie and somewhat spoken for by a younger guy at the moment :P

      but thanks heaps for your response :)

    • Dammit, that always happens! Every girl interested in commitment is already committed. Not fair. Also, Aussie's are freaking sexy ;)

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  • Much like the other comments suggested, a younger guy being into older women might be a indicator that they aren't really into the petty conversation and mind games of their age or younger. People with a few more years on them around the ripe age of 20 seem to shift a lot of their thoughts to something that has more depth and significance. I have been frustrated with the dating scene the past few years I feel like I can't relate to any girls my age and certainly none of them that are younger and have no idea what is going on in their heads. Older women tend to have a direction in life and goals that they want other than little fantasies about how they think life should be because they have been told what they should want, they tend to be smarter about their lives as they realize maybe they aren't immortal and its time to set things up for the long run, maybe they won't play games as much either.

  • Older woman tend to know what they want, younger girls play around and are indecisive, it'd be the same reason why a lot of younger girls are in to older guys, because they are more "mature" (which is not always the case) but in reality its just less bullsh!t

  • I'm 23 and I am much more attracted to older women than girls my age. The biggest reason is because older women tend to play less mind games and just get straight to the point. They are much more mature and they just go for what they want. They also seem to be wiser in general and much more intelligent, as well as having their lives sorted out (well, at least more sorted out than the girls my age).

  • No no you have it wrong my dear, guys go after younger girls, and girls go after older guys. At least typically that's how it goes.

    • I try and go after older guys but get sucked in by younger ones...

      in any case, I don't think you can say that's true for everyone - I know plenty of guys that purposefully persue older girls

    • Of course nothing is true for everyone but that's typically how it works. But I guess that's also for a higher age range like 30-40 year old guys will want 18-25 year old girls because they usually look more attractive/have softer skin etc...

      How old are the guys that usually try to date you?

  • Im 24 I date women in their thirties... this is not because they are more attractive but bexause they have significantly fewer men chasing after them where as a woman your age woukd have nothing to do with me. As for thr younger guys hittint on you they probably think your more experienced a woman your age is the ideal woman and your probably going to be coveted by men of all ages. Men like me have to kind of skip this age group and get them at 30 after theyve been played a few times.


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