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so I went to a party and left with my friends katie and ben. we were all pretty drunk and all went back to katies room because he roommate wasn't there and I was going to use her bed. then our friend nate came in and was pretty drunk and crawled into bed with katie. then ben crawled into bed with me. at first we just fell asleep but a few hours later ben woke up and pulled me really close to him and we started spooning. he was pretty touchy all night, but we didn't kiss. he left at 8 am to go sleep in his own bed then we saw him that morning when we all went to brunch. he barely looked at me and didn't say anything to me. then I saw him around campus a couple times within the next few days and all he said was hi then looked away really fast. he usually talks to me more and isn't so awkward. why is he being like this we didn't even kiss!?


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  • I will spare you the scientific explanation of what happens biologically when you sleep, not sex, with a girl. At the end of everything it is really difficult to not have feelings for a girl that you cuddled with all night simply because of the way we are made. I would interpret his sudden change as feelings for you that he doesn't want to have. Why he doesn't want them I can't answer.

    As for the not kissing part, cuddling all night is a far more intimate act than kissing. It releases far more oxytocin (sorry the science explains this too well) in the brain which creates what is called pair bonding, or what happens to people in couples. This is by no means permanent, but the more it happens the worse it will get. But hey if you like the idea of being with him, by all means promote it.


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  • WTF?

  • The guy is somewhat ashamed of what he did, and may be he think that you consider him kinda opportunist as he cuddle all night without ... you know.

    so now he has feeling for you and he is kinda confused weather to react or not and if yes than how to react,

    BTW I wish I was ben ;p


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