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I have a friend that I met through my brother-n-law which is his nephew. we text as textbuddy cause his job is boring and my job is boring. But one day he decide to have a real conversation about relationship etc..And that he have a lot of girl hate him just because. ..and he kept saying I don't want you to hate me and not be friend with me. you are a nice person and it just me that I lonely because it the way I am. So as we text about this whole conversation he always mentioning he want to drink and kick it... and let do it at the hotel. "Hotel, you gay", that what I text. As we text, he text that he have a dream about me and he shouldn't even be mention it or tell me about it. I didn't even get that cause I was still writing to him about my story what I telling him... and I saw that I was like "dream about me huh..., what happen in that dream, what about us?"... I ask him, do you have feeling for me or what...and he say I think different...i text him how am I suppose to feel... vice of versa if I say that to you... how do you want me to take it...and then after that, he talk about this girl that he really like and make him happy when she around him. but they have the same lastname but different bloodline. but still against our culture. So me, how my feeling toward him, hmmm he could be someone possible a boyfriend but hmm..naa..after he told me his story. if he just saying that so that I don't think different or weird as well... I dunnno...


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  • He told you what he is all about. How he thinks of himself is important.

    Women hate him for the correct reason, his opener is 'hotel'. and drinking.

    If you want to have sex with him he is beating around the bush in the worst kind a way. Dreaming about you, I have never seen you and am dreaming about you. do you feel me. he is playing you.

    • yah, thanks.

      I know he playing me, aighty make me realize something...

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