Be honest- Will he miss me?

been dating this great guy for months but things are up and down lately. We spend most of our free time together but lately things are different, he say it isn't so but we all know that non verbal communication is more accurate. He knows I care and we were tighter than ever, I have no idea what changed but I notice he will do and say things to hurt me when he is upset, he doesn't say what's wrong he will just do something to hurt me like flirt with girls or ignore me and I can't take that. I have been through enough in my life to take that

i tried to talk to him but he just seem as if he doesn't care . He wasn't like that before.I have made peace with the idea of walking away and even start telling people he is my ex. I have deleted his numbers from my phone and all his photos and text messages and I plan to just disappear and stop giving him my affection very soon and very abruptly.

I tried talking so now I think I am just gonna disappear off his radar

i am wondering though will he miss me? I thought what we had was great you know, why is he acting differently


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  • He probably feel the same way. He may not have the courage to break up, but all the signs point to his wanting to end your relationship.

    He probably decided he didn't think he wanted a long term commitment to you. The reasons could be many..other plans in life, another woman...

    He won't be surprised when you disappear.

    • makes sense, kinda hard to believe when someone has been making future plans with you though wedding in vegas etc , the is like this if something is wrong he doesn't say he tries to hurt me cause for some reason it makes him feel loved when I get jealous or hurt. I don't know, maybe he met someone but I am not gonna stick around to find out. He knows what I have been through and how lucky I am to be alive and that I will not will not waste time on things that hurt me

    • Yes, don't waste your time and emotions on him.

  • Sounds a bit like me in my last relationship, I took what I had for granted and stopped doing the things to let my ex knew I cared and appreciated being with her. If he said he liked it and meant it, he will be missing you now and realize what an ass he's being! I believe in second chances, so if he came crawling back, give him that chance, but you should lay down your rules! And tell him what you was and wasn't happy with :) Hope this helped.

    • i tried you know, but he is being such a d*** lately. I don't know if I can try anymore and the sad part is that he doesn't see the things I give up and do for him and frankly I am drained and I have actually ended it with him in my head just need to cut my emotions off now and end it all together

    • I think that's best if he shows no recognition of what he's done, or no remorse. I keep trying to tell my ex, that I have changed and would do things differently this time and would no longer take her for granted! Hope it turns out well for you in the end!

    • thanks much :)

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