Online dating - is he interested or not???

Been 'talking' to someone online (emailing, IM,etc) for a few months now. Every so often he says how he wants to meet me and he's not interested in meeting anyone else anyone else (he works away and is due home any day). Thing is, sometimes it can be 2 or 3 days before I get a reply from him, when I know he's online. Am I getting conflicting vibes here? Is he interested or is he just messing?


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  • It's so easy to forget to check your email. Once I didn't log in, and had 500+ of people complaining about my board xD

    And I think it would depend on how long he is on. And how long he is actually at his computer. I usually just stay logged in because I'm to lazy to sign out.

    If you want to meet him, meet him in a public place like a coffee shop. Somewhere where there are people around. Always safer to meet someone in public than in their house, or getting in their car.

    But if you want the relationship to go further, you have to meet in person. You can't just stay talking over the net. But as said before in a public place.

    So I just think he forgets sometimes. We all do.

    • I agree with what you both said, but when I know he signs on to MSN (and that always tells you how many emails you have) and when we're both logged onto to the same sites and know each other is there, is it much to ask for an acknowledgment, or is that taking things too far? the interest he's shown is a fair amount, but only when he shows it, which isn't always. mega MEGA confused here!

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    • Thanks all for your comments. I really appreciate it. don't know if I'm just cynical or always looking for the worst. still not convinced lol

    • Everyone has their doubts. I have an online friend who is the co admin of my site. We've been friends for 4 years, and I still wonder if he has infected me with a virus(we make viruses together).

      Plus you can never truly know who is who online. I mean go look up internet scams. Some are very convincing.

      I have my days when I trust no one, no matter what they say. I'm hard headed xD

      And your welcome :) Glad I could help somewhat.

  • I'm doing the same thing right now with a girl on a dating site, and it too takes her forever to reply back. The very first time, it took her less than one day. The second time I shot her an email, it took her four days to respond. I was quick to respond back, but that was a week ago tommorrow, and I've heard nothing back from her. It's possible that she, as well as the guy you're in contact with, don't want to come off as 'needy' or 'pushy', but they could also be playing games. You unfortunately don't know who you're corresponding with online. It's best to meet someone face-to-face.

    • Oh! and when he does show interest, he always he defo wants to meet (albeit a place where the toilet has a window lol)

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