Why did he drink so much before the date?!

I really liked this guy, and I was looking forward to getting to know him. So, I invited him to a dance with me. Before hand I hosted the pregame at my apartment since it was one of my best friends birthdays. But he drank...A LOT. It was with my sorority sisters, so I'm sure he was nervous. We both saw this as a date and talked up until the day of the dance, but he was asked to leave early because he drank so much. Why'd he drink so much?! Was he not interested? Nervous? Sorry it's so long, thanks in advance xx


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  • Id say he just can't control his booze. A bad drunk unfortunately. I don't think it had anything to do with you.

    • Thank goodness! My friends were saying he was an ass and that I should forget about him. I was upset with him for like a day, but I do like him...

  • forgive him, unless it's a like 'problem' (happening over & over) I'd say - easy to misjudge, easy to tell yourself a nother drink -- if he's 'good at heart' & all that, probably just manly, or even *human*, dumbness...

    • I think I'll forgive him. My best friend likes his friend, but she wants to invite them both to a party with us. I'm nervous that I'll end up having to babysit him throughout the party... Or keep him from getting in trouble.

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