Does he still like me or is this friends now?

So this guy and I were talking/seeing each other a few months ago earlier this year. I guess we're not now, but it never officially ended we just didn't go on dates anymore or text much even though stuff seemed to be going well. I still liked him I got the impression that wasn't too into text conversations. When I've seen him about he always friendly and talks a lot. We don't really speak by text anymore I gave up making conversations when he doesn't really bother back. It's been about 2 months since we spoke last and he text making conversation. It was a short conversation as it got late and he stopped replying. I don't understand why so out of no where did he text?


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  • Stop overinterpreting and talk to the guy instead. Most people do what they do because they want to - take it from there.

    • Thanks for your comment. OK I know I am overinterpreting, the reason is that every time I do talk to him he seems uninterested. He text me, yet when I try to make conversation he doesn't seem to make it back, he usually stops replying

  • It never officially ended, so he feels it's OK to contact you unexpectedly. You have no ageement not to contact each other, not even an informal agreement.

    He just took a really long nap, and woke up after two months!


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