Is this worth it? Who do I choose?

I like this girl.. And I'm 70% sure she likes me back.. But here's the thing. I have this other girl, and she's like my best friend ever... The girl that I like, she doesn't want to go out with me because she says she doesn't want to go out with someone too close to another girl...The thing is, me and the other girl are only best friends, nothing would go on between us.. What do I do? Who do I choose? I don't want to loose my best friend... :(


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  • If she is the friend you say she is, when I think you should talk to the girl you like and tell her what you told us. If she still isn't ok with it, then forget about her. Unless you think your friend isn't worth it, or that maybe the girl you like is right. You'll have to do some hardcore talking and thinking. If I were you, I'd also talk to your friend. That way you can make sure she is on the same page as you. Does your friend have a boyfriend already?


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  • Honestly, I think a as you call it "best friend" is more important than some pretty girl you "like" any day. And if this girl you like is already showing signs of jealousy, and being controling, and needy, and you aren't even in a relationship yet I'd take that as a HUGE warning sign: "ROUGH WATERS AHEAD", and what happens if that relationship fails? no girl, no friend. Good luck.

    If you ditch your best friend for an obviously silly girl, you were never her best friend were you? I feel sorry for her that you would even consider it... best friends appreciate, and stick by each other.

    • I know it was wrong to even consider it.. after that relationship fails in 2-6months, ill have no one.. so I guess I'm deciding,

      A. both


      B. just best friend..

      Sound about right?

    • Based on your question it's more like-

      A. No one maybe

      B. Girl friend maybe, even though she may be kinda nuts... she likes you or she doesn't, if she has to pose "conditions" that clearly display insecurity, neediness, and being controling, it should *clearly* be a problem. imho

      C. Best friend, who seems very nice and supportive of you and not deserving of betrayal. Not a maybe, but for sure.

  • hun that's for you to decide. what you have to do is choose who ever your heart tell you too. sounds cheesy, but trust me on this one.

  • if she's really your friend she'll stick by you even if you start something with this other girl if. if your friend loves you loke she should she will be happy as long as you are happy, but be sure this other girl will be worth the conflict. for starters talk to your friend cause it sounds like a definate possibility that she may have some feeling for you which is why she is protective and doesn't want you close to another girl

    • This is exactly how I best friend, she has no problem with me starting something with this other girl, she wants me to, she's pushing me to, but.. I haven't told her that in order to go out with this other girl...

    • Then it's who ever is more important to you to me friends are first

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