Girlfriend texting ex every once in a while?

My girlfriend left her boyfriend for me a few months ago. We have been living together ever since. A couple times I saw her messaging him saying she misses him on Facebook or on text messages. I asked her about it and she said she is trying to hurt him because he hurt her. I asked her to stop messaging him and she did.

That was a few weeks ago. I just found out she texted him. They are miles apart and I am away on business so I know nothing could have happened. but still, why does she need to text him?

whenever she texts or IMs him he hardly responds and I know its killing her that he just doesn't care. Should I care about this or just let it fizzle out with her ex?

yep, as a warning to anyone else out there, the VERY FIRST CHANCE SHE GOT (the night I went away to visit my family for x-mas), she went and slept with him...2 nights in a row. Then lied about it. All it took for her to sleep with him? He bought her a pair of PJs. Then, after 2 nights of being with him, he told her he slept with her best friend. And now, she has no one. She lost me, him and her friend.


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  • she ain't over him and you are a rebound. sorry to say but that's the truth. if she can't respect you enough as her new boyfriend, it's time to break this up while its still fresh than make the cut deeper. you are hurting yourself by just letting her get away with it and you are aware of this yet you are asking if you should care? you need someone who is into you and just you. not into someone else. she might be with you physically but her heart and soul belongs to someone else. doesn't that hurt? don't be the third wheel here man. come on!


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  • the answer is simple.she hasn't got over him yet.cause if she had she wouldn't have felt the need to "make him feel bad"

  • :s that's kind of a red flag to me, because if she's with you why does she need to chat to him regardless, he hurt her or not. I think you need a talk. And if she ignores you, she may be hiding something. And if you have already told her to stop then that's rather odd. basicaaly she's being selfish she's not considering your feelings


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