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I've been looking at the "Would you date me?" pages on this site, where girls can describe their idea of a ideal first date. I looked at about 25-30 female profiles and saw that about half of them listed a dinner and a movie date.

From what I've read on here and seen irl, I've always thought that the whole idea was boring/too common/not right (for a 1st date) and that the movie part was especially bad because there's 90 minutes of no conversation or getting to know each other.

So... did I get a bad sample, or am I wrong in thinking that dinner and a movie is a bad idea for first dates. Ladies: if the dinner/movie is not ideal, where would you consider going for a first date to be good?

Guys feel free to answer too but I would especially like to hear girls' opinion on it.

Thanks for the comments so far!

I'm interested in girls that are more introverted in nature (because it fits my own personality). Would that change anything?


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  • I like exploring places for first dates. Take me out around the city, or to a toy store, or basically anything where we can fool around and have fun, instead of having rather limited dinner conversation.

    • This girl gets it! ^ lol :) Gets both you feeling comfortable enough to really open up and truly be yourself if you both acting like goofy kids :D

    • In reply to the update, this is super-helpful with introverted people too. I'm an introvert, and these were always the types of dates where I ended up opening up because I got so into having fun, as opposed to being in a conversation where I felt like I had to impress the guy nonstop and got too nervous to talk.

    • Same here, I'm kind of a homebody and only really enjoy the company of a few really close friends, so going to to a mall or festival or carnival is a geat way to actually see what they enjoy or are interested in without have to bother with awkward boring conversation.

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  • I don't like the dinner movie date at all. If dinner is awkward or doesn't go well, you spend the whole movie thinking about how to tell them. And you can't talk during a movie. I also feel the dinner thing is sexist and and misleading. The man is usually expected to pay, and is usually expected to pick an impressive place. Well what if you can't afford something flashy? Or what if you saved for a long time for it and then it goes badly or she comes to base her feelings off of how much money she think you make in a week?

    No, screw all that noise! Take her for a walk or even a carriage ride, go to a central place where there is lots of easy access parking. That way no has to feel trapped, and no one is expected to do anything but be themselves in an open public place. Having other people around to partially distract you from each other will make it much less stressful. If that part goes well, go to dinner AFTER; but not something fancy, try a nice sidewalk cafe. Someplace open but quiet, and not too expensive.

    Dinner menus are also misleading. Did she order cheap because she's trying to be nice, or did she really want that particular item? Cafes usually have a selection of sandwiches and salads that all cost about the same and are affordable for either of you, in case she wants to pay for herself. When the bill comes, it's usually pay at the counter. No one has to feel awkward in front of a waitress when picking up the tab.

    • You're totally right - Informal dinners/lunches are definitely the best for first dates. You avoid the stuffy atmosphere and it's a lot less pressure. Not to mention it's much easier to enjoy the rest of the day with no need to dress up, and it's more fun to say "Oh hey, let's try this!"

  • No. You're totally right.

    Movie is the worst idea for a first date in the entire world. How are you supposed to talk? And dinner is kind of played out.

    A creative first date is the best. Interactive stuff.

    Maybe find a fair or craft show or something. In the fall, cider mills are great dates, or haunted houses. And right now all of the Christmas stuff will be going up... Around here we have the Festival of Lights! It's beautiful and a great date.

  • I would rather try something neither one of us has ever done before on a first date. I also think it would be fun if it was something interactive like playing mini-golf or going roller skating/ ice skating, etc depending on what is available where you live. :-)

  • yeah, bad samples, because that is too boring and common for a first date. laser tag is funny or a boat rides nice (:

    -love Sosa


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