What can I do for a guy I like who's feeling sick?

The guy I like and just started dating (he likes me too) is sick and I want to do something to cheer him up, what can I do for him? Any Ideas? We've only been on 3 dates and hung out 4 times but it's prob heading towards a relationship... I want to show him that I'm there for him he's the type to be turned on by affection and compassion


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  • you could send him a get well e card, or make him some chicken soup, or ask him if he needs any oj or cold medicine you could get him.

    • he lives only 7 blocks from me.. I haven't been to his apt yet but I know where it is (he always comes to me).. Would it be cute or weird if I went out and got him checken soup and wrote him a little note and gave it to his doorman to give him?

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    • I dropped it off.. ten min later I got a really happy text saying I can't wait to hug you as soon as I'm better :)

    • oh wow, I'm so happy for you and thanks for ba!

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  • Cute ^_^

    Make him some soup and/or tea. Also see what his symptoms are. If he has a runny nose, give him tissue. If he has muscle pain, give him somethings warm to put on the muscle in pain. If his belly hurts, then give him something warm to place on it. Just see what is making him suffer, and give him something that will make the suffering go away.

    Just put yourself in his shoes; what would you do if you had his symptoms. And treat him to that same treatment you would give yourself. =)

    • He has a flu like cold (he may have caught it from me last weekend). I dropped of a bag with chicken soup, cookies, a small orange juice, and a small pocket sized pack of funny tissues (I know he has dayquil and tissue boxes already). I put inside the bas a small not that said


      I hope you fell better!


      Nurse (my name)

      I dropped it off with his doorman, he told me where he lives before but I had never been to his place.. It wasn't creepy or to soon to do something like this?

    • That's cute. =)

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