He drunk texted me saying he wants to "take me out"..

So I met this kid a few weeks ago and he heard through my friend that I thought he was cute. I wasn't sure if he liked me or not, but during the 3 or 4 times we hung out (with other friends) he was always really nice to me and I caught him staring a few times.

However, every time we talked on fb chat, I was the one who started the convo. Tonight I just messaged him after we had been talking through fb and said "it's easier to text then to talk through here" and I sent him my number. He texted me and said he added me to his phone but he added this little inside joke thing next to my name. I answered and said I loved it and he never replied.

I was going to give up until tonight I was texting my friend and all of a sudden, Tom (his name) started to drunk text me. He asked why we've never got drunk together before and that the next time I'm back at school he was going to take me out to get froyo.

Like..what!? Does that mean he likes me?


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  • Yea, he wants to get in your pants.


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  • Tricky situation... go with it for now and don't over think it. Text him every now and again to remind him you're alive. Maybe ask to hang out alone or something. Keep communication going and make sure to flirt. Nothing ever happens without flirting.


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  • The problem in this situation is that he already knows you like him. He won't have to do anything to keep your interest and he might even lead you on just because he likes the attention.
    I'd just count on a friendship, nothing more since you don't know how he feels about you and you don't know what his goals are in this situation..
    Don't give him all of your attention.

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