I don't know how to kiss! Help!!

This girl I've known for a while texts me saying she wants o make out with me. The thing is that I like her and she likes me. We've hung out a lot but never kissed. I wanna kiss her too but just don't know how to. I'm really nervous and don't want to screw up


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  • Omg...i know how you feel...im 28 and just kissed for the first time in the summer...but now the guy is my bf...

    You may want to tell her that you don't know how...thats what I did with my bf..and he thought it was cute...he taught me...and now I'm like a pro, lol...

    When I kissed him first, I didn't know how to open my mouth...I was nervous...the key is to relax your mouth...and just gently move it over hers...slowly...not fast...the first time is a bit weird...but second time, you'll get it...trust me, if I can, you will be fine!


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  • Kiss her as a reflection of how you feel about her, and also tell her, you don't know how to kiss, that will break the ice


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  • there is a lot of kissing tips on the internet, tried googling for it? its how I learned :D