Is he interested, or is "busy" code for "uninterested?"

I met this guy from an online dating site a couple weeks ago. He asked me out first, then texted me a lot, almost every day before our first date. The night before our coffee date, oddly enough, we saw each other downtown (he was a bit tipsy). This clearly affected our date - I could tell he was a bit hungover and maybe a bit nervous too during our date. This made him seem more distant and less enthusiastic than he was when he was texting me, so I wasn't sure how to read him. Our conversation went decently well, though, but then he ended it early and told me to contact him the next time I'm in town - I told him I was moving to a different state soon, which may have affected his interest in me at that point - but he did hint that I should tell him when I'd be back for the holidays.

I like this guy and would like to know more, but after that first date I was convinced he'd "friend zoned" me. So, I went home and decided not to contact him anymore. BUT THEN, six hours after the date, he texts me and makes small talk. Not sure if this means he likes me or not?

So then a couple days go by and I tell him I'll be back for the holidays and for him to text me if he's interested in meeting. He takes a few days to reply, says he's been busy, but asks when I'll be in town. I tell him. No reply. Two days pass, I get frustrated 'cause I have to balance my schedule and he's taking his time, so I text him again and give him parameters ("Hey, text me by tonight if you wanna hang. If not, happy thanksgiving!") He texts me an hour later and apologizes again, tells me he's been out of town and that he probably won't make it.

No texts in four days so far. Maybe I'm over thinking, but is this guy into me or not? Is it the long distance that's hard? Should I wait a few more days and see if he initiates contact ('cause I think I'm done at this point. I tried for a second date and it didn't work, so now the ball's in his court).

What do you guys think? My friends think he likes me, but I'm not so sure. Sorry for the novel, but this guy's a bit hard to read so I thought I'd give you the details. Please help! Thanks!


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  • Not interested

  • Any guy who's interested would have asked to meet up by himself, or if not then accepted one of your many offers.


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