How to ensure yourself a second date?

going on a first date, would like a second? any tips? :)


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  • Talk about things he likes. Don't talk about yourself except in responses. Avoid quicksand (his failures). Be cheerful and attentive. Do not discuss sex or past relationships. Do not kiss on the first date. Don't overwork your look. Don't dress overtly sexy. Don't sound materialistic or status oriented unless he leads you there. If situation warrants, invite him on an encore.


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  • Dont be offended if he tries to get physical with you but hold out.

    Dont talk too much.

    If he seems insecure, tell him something personal about yourself but don't say too much.


    • Tell the guy something personal so he won't be insecure anymore? Strange...

    • If he doesn't feel comfortable with you there will be a pride barrier, if you tell him something about yourself and he doesn't have aspergers it will start a deep and meaningful conversation.

    • Not strange at all. I agree with HonestAvgGuy...telling him something personal opens her up and makes her vulnerable. That's endearing and will probably make him more comfortable with her.

  • You can't.

    If he likes you he will ask you out again.

    If not just move for someone better.

  • Be cute, interesting and funny. Leave him wanting more and if he's into you you'll get your 2nd date

    • I think that's 1st date advice for guys not girls.

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  • Ask open ended questions. - Especially about his interests

    Laugh at his jokes.


    Look at his lips. (Not when eating though)

    Softly touch him at least once or twice on the arm or leg? LOL. Body language.

    A kiss goodnight, at the end.

    - So, he gets right away that you are interested in him.

    • Touch on the arm or back of hand. Not leg, unless it is a quick lean over/hand on knee to emphasize a point or question. Not sure about the kiss on three first date.

    • I'm with the Ninja on this one.

    • Well, some guys would like a kiss on the first date to indicate that she would want a second date. *Shrugs

      Each person have their own pace they go at.

  • Ask him on one. Duh.

  • Show up for the first one with bells on.

  • Look like Pamela Anderson.

    • All-natural, pre-surgery 22yo Pam? Sure, absolutely.

      Drugged-out, Tommy Lee, plastic Barbie, basketball-boobs Pam? She wouldn't have to worry about second dates, because she'd never even get a first one from most guys.

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