Would you date a shy average looking guy?

Just got out of a very long term relationship.. very rusty in the dating department...

Now I am thinking about just approaching ladies in my everyday life... I a bit insecure due to being long out of the market. I am feeling very ugly in the looks department. I feel very intimidated with well dressed women . That I am not matching up to their looks.

I have a good job and income, try to dress well...

If I appear a bit nervous would that be a total deal breaker? would you give somebody who is nervous, average looking, but polite and respectable a chance ?

Any additional helpful tips appreciated.


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  • Well, it depends on the girl. I, for one, can appreciate a guy that can put aside his I securities long enough to approach me. Average looks paired with a great personality is always a winner in my book. :) if that's you in the pic, you aren't a bad looking guy. I'm glad you are thinking about getting back out there and I really think you should. I believe that confidence will come with more experimenting in the market. Some girls like confidence and think its a serious turn on, but you shouldn't let that stop you. I don't think chemistry and insecurities go hand and hand so I don't see a problem inthat area...as long as you don't let those insecurities control your actions. I'm an intimidating girl and I know that its hard to approach me because of it. I've been told several times infact. So I think you should take my advice. Maybe starting out small at first though. Don't just jump in and say come out with me on yada yada. Buy her a drink. Try to start a conversation.

    Hope I helped :)

    • Yes you did help... a lot actually.. specially the part where you said you appreciate a guy putting his insecurities aside .. I am not a bitter person... I don't get bitter at rejections. I wish every lady the best.. just now I have to find someone to give her ''my'' best . Yes that is me in the pictures. Thank you Tiana for the positive kick in the butt!

    • U are very welcome :)

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  • You come off insecure and that's not a turn on. I am into guys who are outgoing, confident and happy, like a social butterfly type. I might give a nervous shy guy a chance, but his own insecurities usually mess things up, like how would I become interested if no chemistry is there? I like a guy who's comfortable around me, not bumbling and scared so hopefully you can stop being nervous long enough to be yourself and relax

    • I agree with you . I need to relax . I am working on myself right now.. but I can't work on my looks..do you give average guys a chance if they are confident ?

    • If I find something cute about him.I don't see guys I like as average but I'm sure to other people they might be. I do have to be attracted to the guy and find him appealing

  • I definitely would date a shy guy if he is well behaved and dresses well. A smile is what gets me interested in the first place. I'm sure with a positive outlook you'll be attracting girls soon. It's alright to be a little nervous, just don't let it stop you from trying. All the best!

    • Thank you ! That was really helpful !

  • Yes I would. Shyness and how he looks has nothing to do with who he is. Average is reality, not the hyped up beauty queens you see on tv.


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