Should I consider dating someone who is still connected with their "Baby Mama"?

I like this guy who has a child. Though he says he hasn't been with the mother for about 2 1/2 years, they still share responsibility of raising the child together (which I think is the right thing to do). Sometimes he even stays over her house, although he claims it's awkward/miserable, he does it for his kid. I don't think he's lying to me about her, nor are we officially dating, so It's not my place to question it. He's a pretty honest/straightforward guy. I have, however, heard some people refer to her as his wife, which bothers me (obviously).

I don't know her (and she doesn't know anything about me), so I don't know what kind of relationship they have. He implied that he broke up with her, which makes me wonder about her feelings. I know he likes me, but we rarely spend time together. He does juggle a lot of responsibilities, so it's hard to make any time. I also admit that I feel a little like a home wrecker even though nothing indicates that they are together. It doesn't bother me that he stays over her house (on the couch), but it does bother me that I can't see him as much as I want.

Is it possible to build a relationship when it starts out like this, or is it better just to cut my losses and try to get over him before it gets bad.


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  • How long have you guys being dating?

    • about 5 months, though I've known him for a while longer. about 3 years. it's been a recent change from acquaintances to whatever this is.

    • dating a guy who has a baby is kind of hard because one way or another he is going to spend a lot of time around his baby mama I think the best think you can do is talk to him about how you feel and if he really really into you he give you the little you deserve and introduce you to his baby mama so that way she get to know you and you will be able to spend time with him and his baby.

  • He sleeps at her house? Unless you are there you don't know that he sleeps on the couch. Assume otherwise. Cut your losses. Most men still sleep with their baby mamas because its easy, accessible and available. It would be diffirent if she's already moved on and got a new man, but come on if she's letting him spend the night her ass is single and she hasn't moved on. They still f***in

    • i don't know why this made me lol but it did. Maybe because it's the voice of reason like a slap to the face.

    • Lol thanks, I'm glad I helped.we all need that slap someone lol

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