I have a date and not sure what to wear?

and really not sure what to wear, guys, what has your date wore before?

and girls what should I be wearing? a nice dress and killer heels or jeans and a nice top and flats?

i don't feel very confident as I've went from a uk size 10 to a uk size 12 in clothing atm although I am very toned I'm stuck on what to wear as I don't want to look fatter?

please help!


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  • What will you be doing on the date? Just dinner/coffee, or are you doing something like going to a park, something outdoorsy, going ice skating, etc?

    I have two rules that I always follow: 1) wear shoes I can walk easily in and that are still comfortable at the end of the night; 2) wear clothes that I personally feel I look good in. If you feel you look good in what you're wearing, it gives you way more confidence than just wearing something because "it's fashionable" or you feel like you're supposed to. If you wear something you're not comfortable in, you'll end up distracted by that the whole time. And, the last thing you want is for your shoes to be hurting your feet so much that you want to take your shoes off before you even get to the restaurant.

    For first dates that are mainly sitting down (dinner/movie), I usually wear a dress (casual if it's less formal, more dressy if we're going somewhere more upscale). A dress makes me feel extra flirty, and to me it shows that I am taking the date seriously since I don't typically wear dresses during the day.

    Obviously, if you're doing something more active on the date, you'll want to dress appropriately for that, whatever that entails.

    • Thank you, that's a lot of time and effort you put into that reply, appreciate it a lot. Thank you very much. I was thinking a dress but it's really cold too, this is the first date I've had for 5 year since I was with my boyfriend, little nervious.

    • No problem! If it's cold, you can always wear leggings and boots to stay warm.

      Have fun on your date :)